Iris & Rose Newsy Bits

Monday, September 25, 2006


Good news! We've finally caved and hit the age of wireless. That means we can conceivably post here regardless of our location since we also now have a laptop. That doesn't mean we will, but we can. Don't be too disgruntled. It only happened last week, and now we have to figure out where we last left off.

So, where did we last leave you? Somewhere around the birthday party. Ok. Scarby and Colorado were not only fabulous, but frenetic as well. Between the two businesses and back to back shows, we worked 7 days a week for 4 and a half months.

Didn't do any blogging during that time.
Didn't have any brain cells left.
Didn't have enough hours in a day.
Then came August.

Our first weekend off, and it must be admitted, we had pure playtime. We finished with our "Parade of Homes" houses. There were people to visit, family to see, and concerts to attend all of say nothing of a mad dash to Minnesota to visit that faire. Holy Moly! That was fun!

Since it was the most recent, can we tell you how much fun it was? Good.
See, we left out of Colorado Springs on Thursday and ambled up to Mt. Rushmore. Now, we only live a few hours away from that National Park, but it was the first time either of us had ever seen it. Awe inspiring, honestly. Photos, and then off to the cabins to spend the night. Eat at the fancy schmancy restaurant, terrorize the server and night desk clerk, and sleep until a whopping 6am. Out the door, drive through rain and arrive at Minnesota festival just in time to pitch our tents in the dark. Go shopping, stop to eat, go back and crash.

The rain followed us.

Saturday dawns clear enough, but by noon it begins to drizzle, and by one it's raining without any signs of stopping. Never ones t let a little water stop us, we go and do our thing at the wine tasting, with Ten Seconds of Harmony (hereafter known as TSoH), and the smoker. Day ends, we go to change clothes and discover the only dry thing in the tent is the bed. GAH! Fine, then we'll go to bed.

Sunday dawns dreary, damp, and dismal. First order of business- Laundromat, followed by coffee and breakfast. Dress in clean, dry clothes and hit the site around noon. Sunday goes much like Saturday except we had a lot more wine at the wine tasting. We kinda had to hide, eat, and sober up some. Maybe we should consider food more often than every 7 hours or so. Still, we managed to straighten up and perform at the smoker. Let me tell you, we had a great time, but I wouldn't have wanted to be one of the following performers. Minnesotans like their bawdy humor! We could learn to love them. Seriously, we may have to see about getting hired there next year.

Now, since it was Labor Day weekend, we have a Monday story as well. Let's see, Monday morning the rain was gone. Our clothes were still largely dry and we had a big day ahead. TSoH were not going to be performing that day so (bless you guys!) we got their stage spots. Now, with no advertising or marquee signs, we didn't expect much. Imagine our surprise when our first show ended up as a success. Did we mention Minnesotans like their bawd? OK, off to the wine tasting- many songs later- back to the stage, and a full house waiting for us! Word spread. Woohoo! That was an incredibly fun show. Between 4 and 5 we actually found food, and then made it back for the 5 o'clock show. It was smaller, but still a kickass time. We hit our money line, got what we could, handed over the microphones and then raced to the smoker. Iris made the king spew, and we got a standing O. Race to the Feast Hall. Singing in the round is tough...still, they like the song and then race back to the smoker for the final song...oops, we missed it. Still, a lovely, fun time was had by all. We rode our euphoria through dinner and then back into our tents for some well earned rest.

The last couple of weeks have been a constant game of catch up. We have invoiced clients, filed our taxes and prepped for TRF. Also, we got to see the Bare Naked Ladies and the Ditty Bops for an E-Town recording...if you don't know the Ditty Bops, you absolutely must find out about them. Incredible harmonies, beautiful and fun songs. They recently signed with Warner Bros. Everyone knows the Bare Naked Ladies, so we don't have to gush about them, except to say "Them boys, they rock!"

Now, it begins again. We leave on Wednesday to head for Texas. We'll see you this weekend!