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Friday, February 17, 2006

Birthday Update


A big thank you to all who braved the weather and joined us for Rose's Birthday celebration and to all of those who couldn't make it and sent warm birthday wishes instead. We had a great time, even though Rose kicked everyone's butt on the pool table. (She also won a few games!)


Iris & Rose

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Iris & Rose Bletter

Iris & Rose Newsy Bits

Greetings and Salutations one and all! Our, now annual, newsletter is here! Boy, was it ever a busy year. For all of you who have reminded us that it was well past time for a new newsletter, then we have finally conceded to your requests, and even if you gave up hope that we would ever get back to you again, then we have defied expectations. We have good reasons for being so behind schedule though, and we will hit those reasons eventually. For those that are getting their very first newsletter, well, you cannot say we overwhelm you with junk mail, now can you? So that being said...let's recap.

2005 was a very good year. We began with the 3rd annual Renaissance themed party for our dear friends (and Cabana booby and booty at TRF) Dana and Clint. Two days of drunken debauchery, songs, poetry, lack of sleep etc... Makes you remember why you started festival in the first place. Then is was off to a glorious season (our 8th!) at Scarborough Faire where we enjoyed mild and mostly dry weather, great attendance, and amazing continued friendships with cast and fans alike. Scarby rocked!

Then it was back to Colorado and the Colorado Renaissance Festival. This is year #3 (consecutively), and we seem to have developed a new fan base that could conceivably rival the size of Scarborough, eventually. No, we don't intend to start a war here, but we are just pointing out (with our usual lack of tact) that Coloradoans are hungry for a little more dirt in their diet. The weather wasn't quite as perfectly cooperative. Yes, some days were "stormier" than others...(Coloradoans will get a titter out of that mean side note), but the umbrella of love provided to us by the performance company cast and crew and the Rogues kept us safe and secure. As far as we know, we will be there this year. BTW, this is the 30th annual season at Colorado Festival, and it's gonna be a blow out of previous and current performers. This is the year to make it if you are ever going to go!

We took a break. No official festivals for August and September, so naturally we went visiting. Minnesota Festival, here we come! Now before we get into what we did and who we saw, it must be stated that we have never gone visiting any show and worked harder! They worked our buttocks off! Man did we have fun. The smoker, pre-shows, the queens tea, a real show... etc, etc, etc. Our dear friends from Ten Seconds of Harmony were kind enough to provide food, shelter and lots of scotch during that weekend, and we were kind enough to accept it. Heh. We got to see them, our friends the Washing Well Wenches, Her Highness - Ms. Lolly, Zilch the Torysteller, London Broil, Puke and Snot, Tastes Like Burning, and of course, too many shop owners, gamers, and other performers to mention unless it's in private with the doors closed and the lights dimly lit. What a wonderful weekend!

Then it's time for the wake of all the hurricanes we weren't sure there was even going to BE a TRF, but it was fine- beautiful even. Still, natural disasters have a way of dampening enthusiasm, and it was a smaller turnout this year than normal, but all who came were as frisky as they could be. We felt the LOVE this year, and that was nice. While there, we had the pleasure of the return of our friends "Sound and Fury". It was so great to have the guys back! Eventually, all things must come to an end, and thus we ended TRF with grand plans of returning again in 06. We left Texas...

2 weeks later, we are back! Dickens on the Strand in Galveston was a new experience for Iris, if not for Rose. It's always a lovely, and fun festival, but one of the reasons we had so much fun is that WE showed up, dressed, and sometimes even acted, like LADIES! Gasp! The shock! The horror! But it is nonetheless true. Pictures will be posted eventually, promise, after we figure out this blogging thingie. It was a truly wonderful weekend where we did NO work at all, and even drank out of plastic cups! Wheeeeeeeee!!!!!

The holidays came and went without incident so we celebrated with a New Year's trip to LA to visit Phil and Shelby from Sound and Fury. We even squeezed in a visit with Joel of the Mud Beggars (aka Slippery When Wet), the Getty Museum, and a comedy night in some remote bar that served great beer. We acted like super stars, stayed up late, slept late, saw the hot spots, drove down all the famous streets, and even looked for our star. Alas, alak, it was not to be found...yet. One exhausted trip home and we have been trying to catch up from this roundhouse of vacations and trips ever since.

That brings us to our next extravaganza, or event if you will... We are planning Roses' 2nd annual- post holidays- post actual birthday-happy birthday to me party. Yes, it it later in this year than last year, but we have been busy. The tentative date is Friday, February 17th at the Rock Bottom Brewery in Castle Rock, CO. E-mail if you need directions.

Item number next...for those of you who don't know it, Iris and Rose are more than just a comedy duo, more than just actual sisters, and more than just a couple of drunken whiskey sots...Although all of that is true, we also have another joint venture called Just Faux Fun. We specialize in decorative wall finishes, stenciling, murals, etc. For those of you in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you may have seen some of our work in the home of our one and only Queen Anne Bolynn, aka Shannon, aka "el Diablo"(different story, another time). If you haven't seen her home, then you can visit our web site at A few of you have expressed an interest in having a new wall finsh, and over a fifth of Irish whiskey we have come up with a brilliant plan!!! Here is our idea: If enough of you decided you want some work done, then we are thinking about driving our work van with supplies to Texas and staying through the week, for as many weeks as it takes to get the job(s) done instead of coming back home to work with our clients in Colorado. We, of course, will be offering a significant discount to any of you who choose to hire us as you will be saving us the cost and hassle of flying to Colorado Springs every weekend. It's a win win situation. Whaddya think? Don't post here if you are thinking about this for your home. Just go to the web site or e-mail us at

Now here's what's coming up... We will be at Scarborough Faire in just a few more weeks, we are anticipating a fabulous season with Colorado Faire, and of course we are most anxious to see everyone again at TRF. That being said, we may also be performing in Austin sometime in September. We don't promise, but will try to keep you posted. And as always, we will make surprise guest appearances in places unknown, even to us, as of yet. We haven't been blacklisted from many places yet; we will see if we can improve our percentages.

Now, we will leave you with a toast:

I've drunk to your health in company,
I've drunk to your health alone.
I've drunk to your health so many times,
I've damn near lost my own.


Iris and Rose

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